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2. Overview


Nexus Web Meet is a offered exclusively to grantees and members of Northbridge Technology Alliance.

Nexus Web Meet is offered as a stand-alone platform, and is also integrated into our Nexus Advantage collaboration platform.

Nexus Web Meet provides reliable and sophisticated group collaboration using internet-connected laptops, PCs, and Windows-based tablets. Much like a traditional conference center, Nexus Web Meet provides users with a dedicated and private meeting location inside a secure space that is flexible enough to accommodate many types of meeting and collaboration needs. In contrast to a brick-and-mortar location, Nexus Web Meet allows meeting attendees to participate from any geographic location at all using basic internet-connected devices.

When you are enrolled in Nexus Web Meet, your team gets a private meeting room with a dedicated room link that does not change. Team members who are enrolled in Nexus Web Meet can access your meeting room for any meeting, any time, using the same room link. In this way, your Nexus Web Meet meeting room is similar to a physical meeting room that a team might share in a physical office space.

Guests can also enter the meeting room on a per-meeting basis, using the unique Guest Pass which is good for a single meeting.

Northbridge Grants

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3. Quick Start

Steps to Create a Meeting

  1. Make sure your system is configured properly
  2. Decide which type of meeting you need to create.
  3. Schedule your meeting on the Room tab of Nexus Web Meet.
    • You can create a meeting in the future or right now (if the room is available).
  4. Circulate your meeting link. Many folks copy and paste the link into their existing meeting invitation.
    • For team members (listed on the Team tab), this link will never change.
    • For meeting guests, use the one-time meeting Guest Pass.
  5. Prepare and rehearse your materials and presentation well in advance of your event.
    • See Preparing a Meeting for tips and resources
  6. Twenty minutes prior to the event start time, open your meeting room.
    • On the Room tab, your room link will appear as active twenty minutes prior to the event start time.
  7. Your meeting will end when the last person leaves the meeting room.
    • If your meeting runs overtime, no need to worry. You can occupy the room as long as you need it. Like a physical room, though, your virtual room will not free up for the next meeting until your meeting ends.

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On Screen Tutorial

A lot of people find that spending five minutes with the on-screen tutorial provided inside Nexus Web Meet is the quickest way to get the hang of the simple user interface. You can view the tutorial from inside your own Nexus Web Meet account, or within the public Demo Site.

Look for this icon.

Walk Me Through

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4. Meeting Readiness Checklist

Meeting Readiness Checklist

Nexus Web Meet is designed to work universally in all popular browsers (Firefox, IE, Chrome, etc.) and operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.)

The platform does not rely on proprietary downloads, which is excellent because it creates as much accessibility as possible in an increasingly complex internet world!

The trade-off for that flexibility is that each Nexus Web Meet user needs to perform some minimal setup work in their own browser. (Often these configurations have already been done as these tools are commonly used in many internet web sites.)

First-time setup checks

  1. Flash. For any user (presenter or attendee), Flash must be installed in order to enter the meeting room. Check your Flash installation here.
  2. Java. Optional. For presenters who wish to share their desktop with other conference attendees, Java must be installed. Java is not required to see another’s desktop; it is only required if you wish to share your own. Learn about enabling Java here.
  3. Talk. Optional. The need for you to hook up a microphone depends on the type of meeting you are joining. If you wish to use your microphone in order to talk to other attendees, it is essential that you use headphones or earbuds to listen to others. (Using open air speakers while your microphone is live will create a dreadful feedback!) Video tutorial for microphone setup here.
  4. Listen and Broadcast. Camera and speakers usually “just work.” The presentation will automatically appear when you join the room.

Setup Support

Northbridge offers support for browser configuration. If you are having difficulty, consider two options:

  1. Post your questions on our Q&A forum
  2. Connect directly with your team’s designated Northbridge contact who is trained to support you with technical issues.

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5. Meetings

Create a Meeting

To reserve your room for a future meeting, click the Calendar icon on the Room tab.

Twenty minutes before the meeting starts, the meeting will become active and a link to join the meeting room will display in the Now section of the Room tab.

To create a meeting now, click the Power icon on the Room tab.

This icon will appear as long as there is not a meeting currently running.

For both types of meetings, select your preferred Meeting Type from the dropdown option box inside New Event form.

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Meeting Types

Video Link

Video Links are a great way for teams to introduce the added benefits of Nexus Web Meet into their existing meeting routine. This type of meeting allows sharing of cameras and visual components (presentation screen, etc.) but does not allow audio communication. When a team already has an audio procedure established (like a telephone conference bridge line), a Video Link can supplement the meeting with a shared presentation and web cameras. Attendees who wish to join the Video Link can dial in as usual to your current phone number and also join the web conference from their computer.

This meeting configuration will also enhance a centralized meeting in a physical room for which a few participants join remotely and for which a phone line is available for audio communication (for example, a Polycom® device).

Video Chat

Video Chats are excellent for informal check-ins or impromptu types of conversations. They are similar to Google Hangouts or Skype. In Nexus Web Meet, a Video Chat configures the meeting room to show the attendees web cameras prominently, along with a chat window. This layout can be adjusted to show more collaboration tools after the meeting begins.


Collaboration meetings display all conference collaboration tools (presentation screen, chat, cameras, etc.) This type of meeting is best for a formal presentation or fully collaborative meeting. The presenter can be changed through the course of the meeting.


Webinars allow Guest attendees to see and hear a presentation using the Guest Pass link. Webinar attendees are not able to share their camera. Attendees are able to speak into the meeting through their microphone, but this function can be disabled by a moderator. Attendees are able to participate in meeting chats and polls, but this can also be disabled by a moderator. Attendees can raise their hand to get the attention of a moderator.

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6. Team Members

Administrator Enrollment

To enroll a new Team Member click the User icon on the Team tab.

After a group or team Administrator has completed their Nexus Web Meet enrollment, they should access the Team tab and initiate enrollments for the rest of the team. Each new enrollment will result in an email invitation to the new Team Member.

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New Team Member Enrollment

Being a Team Member means you have full privileges to create and administer meetings in your web conference room. It’s like having a key to a physical room.

Every new Nexus Web Meet Team Member must complete a simple enrollment form. The enrollment process is started by clicking on the link inside an enrollment invitation email. Enrollment lets a new team member set username, password, and a few other user profile items.

All Team Members can add new Team Members. Team Members with administrative privileges can delete Team Members.

The total number of allowed Team Members is determined by your membership level.

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7. Guest Attendees

Guest Attendees

Every Nexus Web Meet meeting provides a meeting-specific Guest Pass. The Guest Pass link is printed inside the meeting information and can be copied into an email or calendar invite in whatever way is convenient for the meeting moderator. The maximum number of meeting Guests who may attend the meeting is determined by the Nexus Web Meet membership level.

A guest meeting attendee, accessing a meeting using a Guest Pass, will be allowed to enter the meeting only after a moderator has joined the room.

Webinar Guests have different privileges in the meeting room than do meeting moderators. For all other meeting types, Guests have the same level of privilege in the room as do Team Member. See Meeting Types for more information

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