Cloud Server Fund 2017

We need to host 100 social justice missions in 2017.
Goal $ 4,000.00
93.63% towards our goal
$ 3,745.00 raised
$ 50.00
Gina Perrone
$ 50.00
Good luck with reaching your goal!
Cynthia & John
$ 300.00
We know how hard you work at helping others. The world needs more people like the Northbridge folks! Best to you all.
Jimmy & Lori Mendoza
$ 50.00
Tiffany & Steve Rumbalski
$ 25.00


You're our favorite! You and Staycie. We love you.

$ 50.00
Rafik And Linda Cezanne
$ 50.00

Keep up the good work!

Jose Villagomez
$ 50.00

Faithfully meeting every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday evening since 2013, Team North Stars has built an impressive suite of tools that we provide to organizations doing social justice work. That's $500,000 of highly skilled computer science expertise volunteered to date!

Will you team up with these extraordinary volunteers in order to bring their valuable work to the social justice community?

Your modest donation will fund the cloud servers that run our software so that our social justice partners can get about their work of changing the world.