2019 Tech Grant Application

Northbridge Technology Alliance is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, solely committed to advancing social justice work. 
We create software solutions for charitable organizations who are engaged in social justice and community building efforts so that their collective impact is increased.
This grant made possible by the generous alliance between our talented volunteers, the open source software community, our corporate sponsors and funders.

Socially progressive leaders require powerful, flexible ways to connect and communicate. Answering this need, Northbridge Technology Alliance has thoughtfully developed our 2019 technology grant cycle.

This grant will interest any socially progressive activist, leader, or organization who has been thinking about adding webinars, online trainings and classes, or remote meetings to their toolbox.

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Designed by our membership to strengthen the social justice community, this innovative grant will help you transition from simply wondering about new technology options to using web-based meetings effectively, confidently, and affordably.

This grant awards a "just-right" amount of guided training, personalized needs assessment, and unrestricted use of a private, full-featured conference room in our member-owned virtual web conference center Nexus Web Meet. Following 4-6 hours of work done on your schedule, grantees emerge with a thoughtful, simple, personalized plan for their own technology adoption and practiced skills that are transferrable to any web conferencing platform. Successful grantees become eligible for the ongoing major cost and social benefits of Northbridge Technology Alliance's selective, socially responsible membership cooperative.

At Northbridge we understand that adopting new tools is fun and also takes just a bit of forethought and exploration to make sure you are heading in the right direction for your goals. This grant organizes and streamlines that process for you in a step-by-step fashion--just enough structure to help you grow intentionally through the learning curve.

Our broad impact areas are designed to encourage a diverse profile of grantees. This grant is designed to support transformative, intersectional work and to reward imaginative, collaborative teams who are advancing project work of any scale, at any stage, in:

  • Metropolitan Chicago: Community Engagement for Strong Neighborhoods
  • Illinois: Health Care Equity
  • United States: Systemic Racial Equity
  • International: Human Rights
  • Other, by Invitation

If your work touches one or more of these areas and you suspect that web-based meetings might advance your mission, we welcome your application! If you have any questions at all, including eligibility questions, please take advantage of our online chat hours (M-F 9-12 CT) or drop us a line at grants@northbridgetech.org.

This grant is valued at $5,000. Applications are considered on a rolling basis until capacity is filled.

Please refer to whitepaper links in sidebar for more details.

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