Social leaders understand that cooperative engagement towards shared success is the key to social progress.

The Northbridge Technology Alliance Membership Cooperative (aka “the Alliance”) is a socially responsible technology community that generates and shares collective capacity for socially progressive work. Our members represent diverse services and activities, sharing a common goal of building a society driven by the principles of systemic equity and sustainability.

Membership benefits include a dedicated online meeting and webinar channel in our very own community-developed Nexus Web Meet.

Our community is organized around renowned open source traditions and our collaboration software is member owned. We share basic hosting costs. We are sustained by skilled technology volunteers, donations, membership dues, grants and select corporate partnerships. We work together to identify, produce and refine tools that will help us carry out our missions. All of this cooperation results in an astonishing level of technology capacity and social benefit at a fraction of the financial cost of typical profit-sector software licensing.

It’s joyful to be able to bring in somebody who might not be able to get there [using Nexus Web Meet]. People pay a lot of money for that kind of technology and it's great to be able to get it at a fraction of the cost through our membership with Northbridge.

Rory SmithAntiracism Commission, Episcopal Diocese of Chicago

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Nexus Web Meet

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Streamlined training puts you in the driver’s seat of your own technology.

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Members drive our technology development through lightweight polling and feature reviews.

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Nexus Web Meet saves six hours of travel time for each meeting and it's awesome Thanks for the great product!

Roger HungerfordRector, Peoria Deanery