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Nexus Web Meet saves six hours of travel time for each meeting and it's awesome Thanks for the great product!

Roger HungerfordRector, Peoria Deanery

As a member of Northbridge Technology Alliance (aka “the Alliance”), you are welcomed into a cooperative committed to re-imagining this world. Our members represent diverse services and activities, sharing a common goal of building a society driven by the principles of systemic equity and sustainability.

Our members shape our future and who we become. Our members are the visionaries; our technology serves those visions. We work together to identify, produce and refine tools that will help us carry out our missions.

Membership dues go toward increasing access to private, secure, community-serving technology, supporting our open source volunteer development work, and fully realizing member feedback into our platform.

It’s joyful to be able to bring in somebody who might not be able to get there [using Nexus Web Meet]. People pay a lot of money for that kind of technology and it's great to be able to get it at a fraction of the cost through our membership with Northbridge.

Rory SmithAntiracism Commission, Episcopal Diocese of Chicago

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