Our members asked for tech tools that make collaboration work simple, secure and cost effective. So we built Nexus.

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Nexus Web Meet

Nexus Web Meet is our virtual web conference center. It is useful for a variety of streaming collaboration needs from low-key team video chats to professional webinars and online learning. Every web conference channel is equipped with full-featured web conference services including video chat, slide presentation, whiteboard, desktop sharing, session recording, breakout rooms, polling, and VOIP audio.

Nexus Web Meet has significant advantages over other market options because it is designed by our own members. Members enjoy one or more private channels with generous capacity.

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Nexus Advantage

Emerging from pilot phase in 2018, Nexus Advantage is a technical platform that facilitates collaboration among networks of community service providers. Nexus Advantage incorporates Nexus Web Meet and adds a suite of web based tools including directory services, discussion forums, calendering, workgroups, real time chatting, private messaging, and collaboration tracking.

If you are interested in learning more about Nexus Advantage, please email us at contact@northbridgetech.org

Nexus Training

As great as our software is, our training webinars are where the real Northbridge magic happens! Northbridge conducts regular training sessions designed to help our social justice leaders adopt virtual web conferencing and webinars into their collaboration and outreach practices.

Members enjoy generous access to our instructor-led training curriculum.

Nexus New Releases

Nexus enjoys a quarterly release cycle, with new features being added constantly according to the needs of our membership.

Members enjoy exclusive access to drive the development of the Nexus platform in a way that matches their specific collaborative needs.