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2018 Tech Grant
for Social Justice Leaders

Shouldn't your technology
be as great as you are?

Details & Apply
  • Why?

    2018 Technology Grant

    valued at $5,000

  • What?

    2018 Technology Grant

    valued at $5,000

  • Who?

    2018 Technology Grant

    valued at $5,000

Why? Social leaders need powerful ways to connect and communicate.

Cost should never be a barrier to the strategic use of remote meeting technology.
This grant provides you and your team with premium web-based remote meeting formats.

Now you have access to:

  • Community outreach webinars
  • No-travel volunteer training
  • Recources for better engagement
  • Remote Board meetings

It's time to increase the impact of your mission!


What? Technology, training and planning

Technology partners working together to offer a three-part package

1. Private web meeting room
2. Vendor-neutral training
3. Strategic planning

Nexus Web Meet

All-way video
Desktop share
Breakout Rooms
Unlimited Minutes50 Seats
Read Try It

Who? Broad impact areas for 2018

  • Chicago: Community Engagement for Strong Neighborhoods
  • Illinois: Health Care Equity
  • USA: Systemic Racial Equity
  • International: Human Rights
  • Other, by invitation (LOI to

We consider all of these common teamwork situations to be eligible.

  • Task force or committee working within a local faith community
  • Staff committee fulfilling the work of a traditional nonprofit service-oriented program
  • Board of Directors
  • Grass-roots, community-based activism group
  • Local chapter of an NGO
  • Academic or research project

We are fostering a diverse profile of 2018 grantees.

If your work touches one or more of our impact areas, we welcome your application!


Submission Guidelines

Questions to

[News is] a first rough draft of history.
P. Graham
In the shadow of each other, the people live.
It always seems impossible until it's done.
N. Mandela
To build community requires vigilant awareness...
b. hooks
together... we might just be able to fix it...
J. Cascio
All in, no regrets.
K. Flint
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We have no shortage of computer technology. We have a shortage of creative intention. Too few of our technology resources are intentionally leveraged toward solving human problems.

At Northbridge, we intend to reverse this trend.

We are a vendor-neutral, volunteer alliance of technology experts with a passion for social justice. We support organizations who are working, in various ways, toward an intentionally sustainable and equitable society. We specialize in cooperative application development in the open source tradition.


We create software solutions for charitable organizations who are engaged in social justice and community-building efforts so that their collective impact is increased.


We envision a world where technological innovation creates sustainable and forward-thinking solutions that address the hardest social problems facing humanity.

Our Guiding Principles

  • The people we serve are the experts about their own needs.
  • Technology is a means to, not a measure of, progress.
  • Effective solutions are tangible, sustainable and cross-organizational.

Nexus is our flagship open source software product.

It is widely acknowledged by the social justice community that the most effective work in our sector is done collaboratively. It is also acknowledged that collaborations are hard! It doesn't help that there are big obstacles to unified technology use by unconnected nonprofits, like cost, security, and administration.

Nexus solves these problems. It available as a hosted service to grantees and members of Northbridge.

Nexus Web Meet

Try ItNexus Web Meet is our virtual web conference center, useful for a variety of streaming collaboration from low-key team video chats to professional webinars. Every room in the center is equipped with full-featured web conference services including video chat, slide presentation, whiteboard, desktop sharing, session recording, breakout rooms, polling, and VOIP audio.

Nexus Advantage

WhitepaperEmerging from pilot phase in 2018, Nexus Advantage is a collaboration platform that facilitates collaboration among networks of community service providers. Nexus Advantage incorporates Nexus Web Meet and adds a suite of web based collaboration tools including directory services, discussion forums, calendering, workgroups, real time chatting, private messaging, and collaboration tracking.

Nexus Training

WhitepaperAs great as our software is, our training webinars are where the real Northbridge magic happens! Northbridge conducts regular training sessions designed to help our social justice leaders adopt virtual web conferencing and webinars into their collaboration and outreach practices. Through sessions designed for different levels of familiarity, our instructor-led webinars empower users to meet a variety of program needs using virtual media.

Northbridge people are made of special stuff. This organization was founded to put front and center the concerns of those who are traditionally marginalized. You don't find this every day of the week, and not without real life leaders who are able to envision and then forge new paths into the future.


Kathy D. Flint, Interim President, Founder, CEO, Northbridge Tech. Alliance; Univ of Chicago, M.S.

Christopher Hubbard, Asst. Professor, North Park Univ; Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Ph.D.

Dimeji Onafuwa, Principal, MEJI Design Consultancy; Carnegie Mellon, Ph.D. Candidate

Angela Spinazze, Nonprofit Consultant, Chicago; School of the Art Institute of Chicago, M.A.

Dan Terrasi, Business Information Officer, US Bancorp; Hofstra Univ, B.S.

Chief Executive Officer

Kathy Flint

In 2011 Kathy founded Northbridge Technology Alliance in order to realize her vision for bringing technological innovation into the service of social progress. In 2013 she shifted her professional focus from the corporate sector to the nonprofit sector in order to lead Northbridge to its full potential.

Prior to founding Northbridge, Kathy served in a variety of Fortune 500 corporate software engineering and leadership roles. Most recently she was positioned with U.S. Bancorp as Development Manager for Internet and Electronic Payments, where she led enterprise-scale software engineering, architecture, and security efforts supporting $5 billion in electronic financial transactions annually.

When not coding, leading volunteers, speaking, or fundraising for Northbridge, Kathy enjoys playing the cello and figuring out how to be the mother of two brilliant teenagers in Evanston, Illinois.

Kathy holds an M.S. with honors from University of Chicago.

Without our volunteers we've got nothing. With them we change the world. It really only seems right to name each and every one!

But since that's not possible in this space, and since our teams do enjoy a little friendly competition amongst themselves, we settle for naming a Team of the Month.

Volunteer Team of the Month

Team North Stars continues to break ground not only by developing features for the pilot deployment of Nexus but also for refining the Northbridge methods for volunteer engagement. The North Stars are

  • Lou Patel, Coach
  • Kathy Flint, Mentor
  • Gretchen Saylor
  • Hemalatha Nambiradje
  • Will Alston
  • Jafar Abdelrahman

We provide capacity-building technology and training—that's good.

We provide it within the context of a dynamic social enterprise—that's IMPACT!

Our alliance between social leaders and principled, professional technical volunteers is advancing missions across the international social justice spectrum.

8-Part Lecture on Open Source and Social Activism
presented to the Chicago Chapter of the ACM, 2015

Tackling the issues with the PyLadies and Write/Speak/Code, Open Source Workshop 2015